Mason’s Way

The 20 Universal Ways of Oneness Taught by the Spirit of an Enlightened Dog

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This book isn’t about gaining knowledge.  It’s about integrating and becoming the 
very Ways that manifest enlightenment in individuals, societies, and the world.

The 20 Universal Ways of Oneness Taught by the Spirit of an Enlightened Dog

Mason’s Way
Mason’s Way is a book of the Universal Ways of Oneness that is here to lay the framework for humanity to move into the New Golden Age of Harmony. Each characteristic of enlightenment is taught through the channeled words of spiritual leader, Rachel Fiori, but was first shown to her through the life and death of a very special dog named Mason. Mason was a living role model to each Way of Oneness. His death opened the channel to receive full teachings of these Ways.

These 20 spiritual decrees are now offered as gifts to you to elevate your level of consciousness, connect you to your source of divine power, and set you on your own path to becoming an awakened being. Mason’s Way is the way to true spiritual enlightenment.
About Rachel

Spiritual Leader | Mystical Coach™ | Speaker | Author

Rachel Fiori MSOT is a Spiritual Leader and founder/CEO of Masters of Self University. As a channel for sacred wisdom, Rachel’s teachings offer eager students a direct no-nonsense plan to liberating transformation and self-empowerment.

With a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy, (specializing in mental, emotional, & behavioral health), a BA in Business/Corporate Communications, and through the use of her abilities of psycho-energetic healing and vibrational medicine, Rachel has spent the past 24 years healing people from across the world at the soul level.

Rachel’s wisdom of transformational-healing, energetic alchemy, her methods, and her reputation are unprecedented. She is the key to opening people’s multidimensional, or enlightened consciousness. She does this through using The Universal Ways of Oneness™ that the Universe has gifted to Rachel to activate enlightened consciousness within humans, and are the Ways meant to lead us into the New Golden Age of Harmony. Rachel is the only spiritual teacher in the world that channels and heals with the Universal Ways of Oneness.™
Chapter Breakdown
  • The Universal Ways of Oneness
  • Mason
  • The Way of Responsibility
  • The Way of Patience
  • The Way of Surrender
  • The Way of Truth
  • The Way of Presence
  •  The Way of Connection
  •  The Way of Compassion
  • The Way of Harmlessness & Gentleness
  • The Way of Equality
  • The Way of Trust
  • The Way of Honoring
  • The Way of Selfless Service
  • The Way of Loyalty
  • The Way of Unconditional Love
  • The Way of Humility
  • The Way of Integrity
  • The Way of Forgiveness
  • The Way of Purity
  • The Way of Wisdom
  • The Way of Harmony
  • Mason’s Final Days
  • Grief
  • Living in Oneness
what sets this book apart
Mason's Way is different and more powerful because it provides the 20 Universal Ways of Oneness™ that form the foundation of and govern enlightened societies. It energetically promotes healing at the soul level as well as integrates Oneness into each person’s energetic fields and beingness rather than just being a concept that people read about. This book isn’t about gaining knowledge. It’s about integrating and becoming the very Ways that manifest enlightenment in individuals, societies, and the world.
 That Make This Book Unique
  • Divinely Channeled Text
    Mason’s Way is a divinely channeled, original text meant to lead individuals and humanity into a golden age of enlightenment. Rachel is the first spiritual teacher to receive and teach about the 20 Universal Ways of Oneness.
  • A Radical Elevation in the Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Health of Humanity
    Learn to integrate & become the 20 characteristics that enlightened people embody to achieve true internal peace, emotional freedom, & elevated consciousness.
  • A Lesson in Unconditional Love & Equality
    Rachel’s k9 soul companion of 14 years is the “guru” who guided her to learn about & become “The Ways”. A true lesson in equality and honoring of all beings on the planet is magically expressed throughout this manuscript, & deeply taught through the stories of Mason’s life & death.
  • Rely on Rachel​
    A modern spiritual master of “The Ways”, Rachel guides people through spiritual awakening & Oneness using easy-to-understand teachings and methods. It’s also a down-to-earth introduction into the powers of the Universe using the framework to become a self-actualized human.


Rachel has helped me immensely over the years. From Personal intuitive guidance to teachings, to relationship coaching, she has been my go-to intuitive on all levels. I can’t say enough about how much she has transformed my life and my understanding of how to live it. I’m beyond grateful for her and her offerings.

Haylee LaCroix

After talk therapy for over 9 years, meditation, reading hundreds of self help books and working with healers and therapists across the world, even a dozen plant medicine ceremonies… If you’re willing to do the real work, this program will change your life, guaranteed.

Josh Trent: Austin, TX Host of Wellness Force Podcast

I wanted to tell you, excitedly and filled with gratitude how perfectly timed your presence came into my life. Thank you for the work and the wisdom, for the information and love you share that has put me in the beautiful position I am in this moment, to find myself and finally say hi to me. 

Fabio Osorio

This experience has been worth its weight in gold! I’m so grateful to Rachel for her gifts, wisdom and support, and greatly look forward to continuing on my path with her guidance along the way.

Emily Armstrong, United Kingdom

moments all along the way… Before I met Rachel I could physically feel the blockages that were around my heart. I felt cut off from the world and at times completely alone. One of my big intentions with working with Rachel was to heal my heart so I could attract “my person”. I recently met the woman of my dreams, and I feel so connected to the world and others."

Eric Goldstein

If you are ready for life-changing, transformational healing - BOOK IT! My life is forever changed and whatever I do from this point forward will be a direct result of the healing that I have received. I am humbly and eternally grateful.

Steph, USA


 Gentle Giants Rescue

Rachel is proud to pair up with this incredible organization that requires humans to treat animals as equals (the Way of Equality), to live in their homes with them, and nurture the emotional aspect of dogs as well as nurturing their spirits.
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